Peter Piper's Pickles
Call Monty 717.682.2952
Please note all products may not be available at all events!
Pint - $4.00
Quart - $7.00
Barrel Pickle - $1.25

We're in the Marshall's Creek Flea market
Building 1
on Saturday and Sunday!

Hot Garlic

Extra Hot Garlic
Garlic or Hot Garlic Baby Dills
Garlic or Hot Garlic Green Tomatoes
Garlic or Hot Garlic Barrel
Sweet Mixed

Sweet & Hot Mixed
Monty Mix
Garden Veggie Mix
Pickle Pickle

Also...We have Hot Pepper Relish & Hot Cherry Peppers
$4.00 Pint/$8.00Quart!

Imported Greek Olives
$5.00 Pint/$10.00 Quart

NEW - Pepper Shooters - $1.50 each or 4/$5.00
New York Deli Pickles

Half Sours - NEW Full Sour (Pucker Up)